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In this page you can buy different KITs, all programmed with our µPanel firmware and equipped with all you need to get started. KIT1 contains the most popular ESP8266 board, the ESP1, along with a breadboard adapter and some wires, perfect to develop your project on a breadboard or with an Arduino UNO. KIT2 contains the ESP8266 in the ESP12 package, which is ideal for embedding our uPanel system into a professional PCB board. KIT3 realises, instead, the most compact µPanel system you can currently find. This kit consists of an Arduino compatible (LilyPad USB) board and of an ESP8266 chip programmed with the µPanel firmware. With KIT3 you can realise a very miniaturised and complete IoT system. At the end of this page you can find also a list of our official distributors and also our affiliated ebay shop.

If you already own an ESP8266 system and you want to transform it into a genuine µPanel system, you might consider KIT5, which consists of the firmware binary file to be programmed into a single WiFi module.



If you are a student or you are affiliated with an educational institution, you can obtain for free a copy of the µPanel firmware (KIT5) to be programmed into an ESP8266 module. Please read the programming instructions described at the FIRMWARE UPLOAD page and drop us an email from your institutional account by clicking this link.



 Available µPanel KITs 

If you buy either KIT 1, 2, 3 or 4, please remember to ADD to the cart also a shipping method that is available for your country (just single quantity); if you buy KIT 5 only (firmware) shipping is NOT necessary (read here how to get and install the µPanel firmware


KIT 1 - µPanel + Adapter

  • µPanel Mobile APP (for Android and iOS )
  • 1x SCF-01 (ESP-01 module with µPanel inside)
  • 1x ADP-01 Breadboard Adapter

KIT 2 - µPanel in ESP12

  • µPanel Mobile APP (for Android and iOS )
  • 1x SCF-12E (ESP-12E module with µPanel inside)


KIT 3 - Arduino USB + µPanel

  • µPanel Mobile APP (for Android and iOS )
  • 1x SCF-TOP03 (100% compatible with Arduino Lilypad USB + ESP-03 with µPanel inside)




KIT 4 - Breadboard Adapter

  • 1x ADP-01 Breadbord Adapter

KIT 5 - Firmware Only


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Shipping methods and conditions

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Official distributors

You can also buy the µPanel systems from our official distributors:

Would you like to become one of our official distributors?
Contact us at:  sales@miuPanel.com