The Edit object defines a text box on the panel and allows the user to write in it a string of characters to be sent to the controller connected to the Wi-Fi module.

1. Object definition


An editable box can be added to your panel using the following syntax:

E ID [type] [stylers] [events] : [text];

The fields between brackets [ ] are optional.

The following table describes in details the meaning of each field.

Field Lenght Description
1 char
Identifies the object type editable box.
ID 1 char
Unique ID to identify each editable text box on the Panel. This field should be a decimal digit or an upper case char.
The maximum number of editable text box that can be created on the panel is 20.
[type] -
not used
[stylers] variable One or more stylers that define the graphical appearance of editable text box (such as, size, position, opacity, border, background, ...).
Some stylers may not take effect because meaningless for this object.
see stylers
One or more event specifiers
see events
Default text to display. This text will be overwritten from the new one entered in the box by the user.
It is possible insert a maximum of 64 characters.
All chars except ';'



Example n.1


Panel with an edit box with specific dimensions and default text "Insert message here...". Font italic.


object: E


type: -

[stylers]: %60,8fi

[text]: Insert message here ...


E1%60,8fi: Insert message here...;



2. Object usage

Send a string to your electronic system (Panel screen --> WiFi Module --> your controller)

From the panel screen, click on the text box and edit the message you want to send. As soon as you click on the enter key of your keyboard (or click outside the text box), the string will be sent.
The message received on the serial port by your controller has the following format:

# E
ID [text]


  • Notice of message "Clear Alarm" inserted and sent from text box having ID=1: #E1:Clear Alarm


The string inserted on the text box is sent only when the panel detects a change of the text, so if you try to send again the same string, the operation will fail.


Events (Panel screen --> WiFi Module --> your controller)

Read the events section to learn how enable and manage the events for this object.