The Message object is used to display on the panel a string of characters that can be updated by the controller subsequently to panel definition, during the run-time.
If you want to write static texts (such as the name of a LED on the panel) use the object text instead.  

If you want to send a string of characters from the panel to the remote system, use the object edit.


  1. Object definition


A message can be defined on the Panel using the following syntax:

M ID [type] [stylers] [events] : text ;

Field between [ ] are optional.

The following table describes in details the meaning of each filed:


Field Lenght Description
1 char
 Field that defines the object message
ID 1 char
Unique ID to identify each message on the panel.
This field can be a decimal digit or an upper-case character.
The max number of messages that can be created on the panel is 16.
(0,9)- (A-F)
[type] -
not used
[stylers] variable One or more stylers that define the graphical appearance of the message (such as, size, position, opacity, border, background, ...). Some stylers may not take effect because meaningless for this object.
see stylers
One or more event specifiers
see events
String of characters to display (can be modified subsequently). The max message length is 63 chars).
All ASCII chars except ';'



Example n.1


Message with a defined font color and dimension.


object: M

ID: 1

type: -

[stylers]: #F00*10 

text: Alarm at 9:00 AM >> Cancel this message?


M1#F00*10:Alarm at 9:00 AM >> Cancel this message?;



2. Object usage

Update the text of the message (Panel <-- Wi-Fi Module <-- Controller)

To overwrite the old text with by the new one, use the following syntax:


M ID text


  • Write the message "New text" using the message objetc with ID=1 : #M1New text


To interact with the object in the panel, the message object has to be previously created during the panel definition step.

Remeber to finish every command with '\n' string terminator character.



Read the events section to learn how to enable and manage the events for this object.