The Picture object can by used to add an image on the panel, selected from those provided with the APP (see the image gallery).
It is possible to set size, position and other stylers of the image on the panel. 

If you want to use an image as a background, also evaluate the use of the object desktop.
If you need to dynamically change a picture on panel during runtime (imagine a weather icons), you can use the object LED (customized LEDs version).

1. Object definition


The syntax used to add an image to the panel is the following:

ID type [stylers] [events]

The fields between brackets [ ] are optional

The following table describes in details the meaning of each field

Field Lengh Desciption
1 char
Field that defines the object picture
ID - not used
Type variabile
Identifies the image from those available
see image gallery
[stylers] variabile One or more stylers that define the graphical appearance of the image (such as, size, position, opacity, border, background, ...).
Some stylers may not take effect because meaningless for this object.
see stylers
 One or more event specifiers
see events



Example n.1


Create a panel loading the image n. 7.13 having a size of 80% (with respect the horizontal dimension of the display). Default position.


object: I

ID: -

type: 7.13

[stylers]: %80





2. Object usage

Pictures are static objects: this means that once defined on panel screen, you can not modify it.
But the interaction with an image on the panel, is possible through the events.


Events (Panel ---> WiFi Module ---> Controller)

Read events section to learn how to enable and manage the events.