Text objects are used to include static messages on the Panel, such as LEDs names or other labels.
The text is static, thus it can not be changed after the panel layout has been sent to APP, unless a new panel layout is sent.
To include dynamic messages on the Panel, which can be changed by remote system during the run-time, the message object should be used instead. 

1. Object definition


A static text can be included on the Panel using the following syntax:

T [ID] [type] [stylers] [events] : text;

Field between [ ] are optional.

The following table describes in detail the meaning of each filed:

Field Length Description
1 char
Fixed char that identifies the text object T
[ID] - not used -
[type] -
not used -
[stylers] variable One or more stylers that define the graphical appearance of the text (such as, size, position, opacity, border, background, ...).
Some stylers may not take effect because meaningless for this object.
see stylers
One or more event specifiers
see events
The text string to display
All chars except ';'



Example n.1


Green text "Test μPanel". Defined size, italic font.


object: T

ID: -

type: -

[stylers]: #0F0*20fi 

text: Test µPanel


T#0F0*20fi:Test µPanel;




2. Object usage


Events (APP ---> WiFi Module)

Read the events section to learn how to enable and manage the events.