Module Overview

µPanel is an innovative and universal solution for adding WiFi connectivity, implementing custom IoT solutions, and creating APPs to remotely monitor and control any electronic system, in real-time and comfortably from the smart phone, from everywhere. This is a very powerful system that provides mobile customised graphical interfaces, remote access, and network connectivity to any micro-controller system, even to the smallest ones, without the need to write the program code of the mobile APP. µPanel is particularly ideal to quickly add all these functionalities to already existing devices.

Our Wi-Fi module is not a simple wireless radio, but it is a complete device that automatically performs all the functions required to establish and maintain the communication between your device and the µPanel App installed on your mobile device. The module is designed to work as a plug and play device as if a long cable directly connected your device to the graphical remote panel. 

Moreover, if the µPanel App is temporary not available, the WiFi Module is able to automatically memorise all data sent by your device and to send them later when the connection with the graphical panel is available again.

All the functions of our WiFi Module are managed by the powerful system on chip (SoC) ESP8266, on which we uploaded our innovative µPanel firmware. It combines a 32 bit micro-controller (and many peripherals, such as GPIO, I2C, ADC, SPI, PWM) with a WiFi radio. 

To highlight that the module firmware has been completely changed with respect to other commercial products, we chose to rename the boards we adopted.

We currently propose the following modules: