Full Version: BUG: Horizontal Scroll bar on gauges in ON LINE SIMULATOR
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I noticed this bug for Gauge in the ON LINE SIMULATOR:  when the lancet reach certain values, it suddenly appears an horizontal bottom scroll bar .  Exclamation


D!88F;/%74A0G:5.14:5.15:219; <<----- HORIZONTAL SCROLL BAR ON BOTTOM

D!88F;/%74A0G:5.14:5.15:90; <<----- OK, no scroll bar

It has the same behaviour either with Chrome , Mozilla, Edge....

Hi Antimix,

actually it is not a bug. The gauge is obtained by rotating a square image, so when the rotation is 45 degrees the horizontal size
reaches the maximum. You can prevent the appearance of the scroll bar by decreasing the size to less than 70%, or adding
the w styler to the desktop object.