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Upgrade procedure
The firmware of the μPanel module can be upgraded directly from the APP running on your mobile device. Before commanding the upgrade, however, your module upgrade has to be enabled. To request the activation send an email at the following address, reporting your module's serial number:

The module's serial number is reported on the product package and also in the WiFi name.

After activation, the firmware can be upgraded following these steps:

1) Connect the module to the Internet
2) Turn off and on your module
3) If you have the "Enable Router Conf." function enabled, wait 1 minute
4) Connect your mobile phone to the module
5) In the APP select Menu, Configure Module, and click Upgrade Firmware
6) Confirm

After a few seconds (depending on your Internet connection) the reboot message should appear on the APP.
In some cases, however, the module might reboot silently.

The new firmware should now run correctly and you can connect again your APP to the module. Please note
that the product has to be registered again (exactly as the for the first activation).

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