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uPanel and Power consumption

I connected a power bank to power the Arduino.
The label says 5V-1A. I said "good". Unfortunately nothing was working. Sad 
The uPanel was not reachable by the APP, and I noticed that even the uPanel WiFi SSID was not present any more in list of my room. But the red led was on on the uPanel.

Then I connected again the board on the Laptop USB port, and I noticed that the red led was much more brighter, and the blue led blinked for a while.
I checked and also the SSID was back, and uPanel was reachable by the APP Big Grin 


- What is the real power consumption of the uPanel+power conversion board ?

I would expected that with a maximum of 500mA I could power all (because is the maximum allowed by arduino UNO Board), but the 1A power bank does not seems to work.

- Is this a not well know issue of the power banks that are designed for recharge only and are not suitable to be used as battery ?
- Or is it a fake Chinese 1A power bank that is really 200mA?

Maybe its a fake power bank or the battery Voltage drop down 5V (because if you are using the ADP-01 adapter to interfacing with Arduino UNO, the Voltage for supply the ADP-01 must be 5V or higher)
The average current consuption of the wifi module (when WiFi is ON) is about 120-130 mA but it is suggest use of a real 300 mA power supply.

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