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Access from "outside" to a file stored in DISK
Hi all,
On my recently running heating system, to which I can access from everywhere with my IPhone and miupanel App, the pellets consumption is stored every day in a file named Log.txt, which get one more line at 0:00.
I can open this file from my home (means in local) with any web browser and from any device with this address :
This fullfills perfectly my expectations.
Now, I would like to acces to that file also from everywhere, like panels.
I have to allow a free access to my router to this above mentionned local IP address trough the port 5555, and also to allow this in the router firewall.
My module has an public IP like, and also 2 ports (12yyy,12zzz).
Could somebody let me know which IP address have I to authorize, and also which port have I to open ? (see attached pic)
Secondly, which command line have I to fill in the web browser address to access to my "Log.txt" file ?
Thank you for your support!!!

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