This adapter is designed to work with the ESP01 WiFi Module running µPanel firmware, which permits to create IoT systems with graphical interfaces for mobile phones, ideal for controlling Arduino-based devices or other equivalent systems, without the need to write the App.


Since many electronics devices, like Arduino UNO, work with voltage of 5 V, we designed a breadboard adapter that permits to power the WiFi module with 5 V instead of 3.3 V, which is the voltage required by the module system on chip (SoC). This adapter permits also the module to be plugged into a breadboard. The adapter is named ADP-01.

The adapter also embeds some pull-up resistors for the GPIO0 and GPIO2 lines so that no other external components are required to power up the module in the firmware “RUN” mode.

Just connect the Vin line (marked with “+”) to a 5V power supply able to provide at least 500 mA.

We recommend NOT to use input voltage higher than 7.5V to avoid to over-heating the voltage regulator of the ADP-01.