Get Free your µPanel Firmware

You can request for FREE the μPanel firmware to load on a generic ESP8266 module you already own. You will only need to follow a brief procedure explaining how to extract the ID code of your ESP8266 which is useful to us to produce your free firmware license.
After receiving your µPanel firmware via email, you can simply upload it to your module and you will be able to start controlling your projects with μPanel.

Your free firmware will remain active indefinitely, and you will be able to use all the features of the system, the only limitations are

1. The CLOUD connection between App and Module is disabled on the server (will be enabled only for the first 30 days)
2. You can only use the firmware for personal and educational purposes, the use of test firmdware for commercial purposes is prohibited


Switch to standard license

At any time you can decide freely whether to switch to the standard license (will be re-enabled on your module the CLOUD services)  just going to our  store ebay  or our distributor and buy one of our service packs for your module.

Remember that the standard license will allow you to enable the connection via the μPanel Cloud (to remotely control your module anywhere in the world) and to use it also for commercial purposes as well.


How to request the firmware

1 – Follow HERE the procedure to extract the ID of your form (STEP 1-2-3)

2- Fill in each field of the request form you see below with your data:

Fill out the “YOUR NAME” field with your First Name and Last Name
Fill out the “YOUR MAIL” field with the e-mail address in which to receive the firmware
Fill out the “YOUR MESSAGE” field by copying the following informations modified with your data (incomplete data will not be considered):

Name:  Mario Rossi
Address:  via Garibaldi n. 1, 10100 – Torino TO, ITALY
Module ID:  ID_xxxxxxxx_yyyyyyyy
Declaration:  I am aware that the μPanel firmware can not be used for commercial purposes, can not be modified, can not be shared, and can be uploaded only on one device.

3- We will send your firmware by e-mail (usually within 48 hours). Load it on your module follow again the procedure (Step 1-2-3) used to find the module ID but this time by uploading the miuPanel firmware (the file with  .bin extension you will receive by mail). Once you turn on the module in “Run Mode”, your module will create a wireless access point called “miuPanel_xxxxxxxx” to which your phone will be able to connect.