µPanel for your Business

DIRECT or CLOUD connection?
µPanel implements both!

Edge computing, where computing power sits where the data originates (at the edge of the network), has been used in industrial applications.

Conversely, cloud computing is synonymous with centralized computing, the mother ship, where all the data is sent and serious analytics takes place.

A study by 451 Research asked 615 IT and operational technology professionals where they deploy or plan to deploy their organization’s computing capacity for IoT initiatives. More than 36% of respondents said they chose or will chose an IT infrastructure located where the IoT data is generated (edge), and 60% chose a company owned or leased data center facility.Read more here

Executable code

Executable code to set-up and run your own Cloud-bridge server (Linux)

We build your App

You can ask to us to build your app screens

PUSH Notificatons

Unlimited number of push notifications to notify messages also when the App is off


Controllable band use with cloud-bridge connection mode.

Your Cloud

Dedicated Cloud-Bridge server with guaranteed band and real-time communication capability


Custom images and logos (added to the gallery and usable with all objects, e.g. buttons, backgrounds…)

Our world is moving into the era of billions of connected devices. The way people interact with familiar “things” is already being transformed. The same will happen to companies and their processes.
If you think about enabling Internet of Things for your business, we can do it together.

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